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Pi is still wrong…

I think this is a pretty awesome video from Vi Hart! Not only do I agree with her commentary about Columbus, but her perspective on Pi is something I’d never thought of before. Right about at minute 3:53 Vi writes R/D in the video, which isn’t correct, but otherwise it’s a great video. Watch it!


Quick Review: Interior and exterior angles with transversal intersects

This is a short video we put together to help students see and understand corresponding, same-side interior, alternate interior and alternate exterior angles formed when a transversal intersects a pair of lines. It also covers the SSIA postulate. 😉 Transversals and Angle Names – Common Core Fun


How-to Video: Rotating a triangle about a point

So, here it is. This another video I put together for my students (this year I’m teaching very very motivated students). They rarely ask for much. But, I noticed they were getting confused on some of the basics. This video should help explain how I use a protractor to rotate a triangle around a fixed […]