Common Core Fun Joke & Riddle (TM) worksheets are our own creation and so we see no hidden interests or biases that could unfairly influence you. Per the FTC rules, however, if someone we interview grabs the bill for lunch, we would need to let you know. The same is true if we use links to Amazon to make $0.06, or if we are gifted a hat with a logo and wear it on a photo, etc.

Although we currently do not offer, nor participate in an affiliate program, to prevent sprinkling disclosures all over our content if and when they’re needed, please assume that all the following are true:

  • Someone bought us lunch
  • Someone have us some swag
  • Someone gave us money
  • Someone gave us stocks
  • Someone gave us gadgets
  • Someone gave us an apple
  • Someone gave us a calculator

We hope you buy our funsheets based on your good judgement and the reviews. And, we hope you get your math on too.