Geometry FUNSheet Bundle


FUN Geometry practice!

The Geometry FUNSheet Bundle includes 6 fun geometry practice sheets to help you teach geometry topics. These activities require NO PREP.

These activities are riddle worksheets where students have an answer bank and they use it to solve a (slightly cheesy) joke. Kids like this activities because they make the math meaningful, and FUN, and teachers like them because the answer bank gives students a tool to self-assess. Also great for home school students because the answer sheet is included!

This geometry bundle activities include:

  1. Pythagorean Theorem
  2. SOHCAHTOA Labeling Sides (Opp Adj Hyp)
  3. SOHCAHTOA Finding Missing Sides
  4. Finding Equations of Lines between Points
  5. Law of Sines vs Cosines
  6. Shaded Area Test Prep Questions

These are 5 joke and riddle FUNsheets and one CST ACT SAT Test Prep worksheet.


This is FUNsheet packet is a digital download. You will get a link to download the file in your receipt via email as soon as you complete your purchase!


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