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The very serious topic of mathematics and the very very serious topic of the Common Core. And how we like to have fun anyway.


Give your students a treat with Halloween-ready FUNsheets

What kind of monsters love to dance? Where do zombies go for a swim? What’s the tallest building in Transylvania? Help your students learn the answer to these jokes and riddles with 16 Halloween-ready print-and-go fun math jokes and riddles. Topics range from basic operations to advanced math. Here are some examples you may like: […]


Quick Review: Interior and exterior angles with transversal intersects

This is a short video we put together to help students see and understand corresponding, same-side interior, alternate interior and alternate exterior angles formed when a transversal intersects a pair of lines. It also covers the SSIA postulate. 😉 Transversals and Angle Names – Common Core Fun


The Common Core Controversy Part 1

If you’ve heard about the common core, you’ve heard some of the proponents or detractors push their perspective. You may even fall into one of these categories yourself. Why are people so passionate about the common core? And why is it controversial? Read on. What is the Common Core and why was it created? According […]


Common Core Fun is now on TES!

  We’re honored to be part of the U.S. launch of TES! TES is a new, online marketplace that helps teachers sell educational materials online–and WORLDWIDE. We even got a little social mention! TES is the largest online network of teachers around the world, and they have now made it possible for those of us […]