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Point, line, angle, congruence, similarity, circle, cone, focus, ellipse, parabola, polygon, quadrilateral, trapezoid, triangle and more geometry concepts!


Quick Review: Interior and exterior angles with transversal intersects

This is a short video we put together to help students see and understand corresponding, same-side interior, alternate interior and alternate exterior angles formed when a transversal intersects a pair of lines. It also covers the SSIA postulate. 😉 Transversals and Angle Names – Common Core Fun


How-to Video: Rotating a triangle about a point

So, here it is. This another video I put together for my students (this year I’m teaching very very motivated students). They rarely ask for much. But, I noticed they were getting confused on some of the basics. This video should help explain how I use a protractor to rotate a triangle around a fixed […]


Are you ready for geometry?

Some students need a little bit of practice with the geometry basics. So here are some FUNsheets to help. (These resources also work for middle school students that want to go deeper into an area of interest, or practice skills they’ve already learned in class). Check out the individual funsheets on TpT or the bundles […]